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Ashraful Huda

Electric Substation is the component of the electric power system as well as used for transmitting power from producing points to the load centers. Several of the vital components of a substation are:

1.   Busbars

2.   Lightning arrester or Surge arrestors

3.   Disconnecting Switches or Isolators

Varieties of Isolators:

i.            Central rotating

ii.            Centre-Break

iii.            Vertical swing

iv.            Pantograph type

4.   Earth Switch

5.   Current Transformer

6.   Voltage Transformer

7.   Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Functions Include:

i.            Closing

ii.            Opening

iii.            Auto Re-closing

8.   Power Transformers

9.   Shunt Reactors

10.  Shunt Capacitor

11.  Series Capacitor

12. Series Reactors

13. Lightning Protection

14. Isolated Bus System (Phase)

15. Neutral Grounding Tools

16. Line Trap

17. Insulators

18. Power Cables

19. Control Cables

20. Relay, Control and Metering panels

21. Earthing System


The brief discussion about each individual component will be added very soon.