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There are basic two varieties of open circuit breakers:

  1. DeadTank – compartment of circuit breaker, which is in earth potential.
  2. LiveTank – compartment of circuit breaker, which is in line potential.


SF6 Circuit Breaker

The structure of circuit breaker controls the techniques in which, the circuit breaker is putted up. This can be one of following ways.

1. Earth Mounting and Base Mounting: the major advantages of this sort of mounting are – ease, ease of formation, ease of protection and removal of support arrangements. An additional benefit is that in internal substations, there is lessening in the tallness of the structure. A weakness however is also and that to avoid risk to workers, the circuit breaker is enclosed by an earthed barricade, which raises the area requisite.

2. Retractable Breakers: these types of circuit breakers have the benefit of being gap saving owing to the actuality that isolators may be putted up in the same region of authorization that has to be permitted between the retractable circuit breaker as well as the live permanent links. Another benefit is that there is the simplicity and protection of preservation. Moreover such a mounting is inexpensive since at least two insulators for each phase are still desired to support the permanent circuit breaker plug links.


3. Suspended Breakers: at superior voltages tension insulators are more inexpensive than post or base insulators. Through this kind of mounting the live tank circuit breaker is balanced by tension insulators from transparency arrangements, and detained in a steady position by comparable insulators tensioned to the earth. There is the maintained benefit of cheap costs as well as simplified basics, and the arrangements used to hang up the circuit breakers can be used for additional functions.



Ashraful Huda

Electric Substation is the component of the electric power system as well as used for transmitting power from producing points to the load centers. Several of the vital components of a substation are:

1.   Busbars

2.   Lightning arrester or Surge arrestors

3.   Disconnecting Switches or Isolators

Varieties of Isolators:

i.            Central rotating

ii.            Centre-Break

iii.            Vertical swing

iv.            Pantograph type

4.   Earth Switch

5.   Current Transformer

6.   Voltage Transformer

7.   Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Functions Include:

i.            Closing

ii.            Opening

iii.            Auto Re-closing

8.   Power Transformers

9.   Shunt Reactors

10.  Shunt Capacitor

11.  Series Capacitor

12. Series Reactors

13. Lightning Protection

14. Isolated Bus System (Phase)

15. Neutral Grounding Tools

16. Line Trap

17. Insulators

18. Power Cables

19. Control Cables

20. Relay, Control and Metering panels

21. Earthing System


The brief discussion about each individual component will be added very soon.