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Hello everybody,

I am going to adorn this blog newly with lot more attractive features. So, this is a formal notification for all of you.

Till now, my this blog is not so much enrich. Previously I just posted about some introductory descriptions about Only Engineering, various kinds of sections of Engineering. There were also some posts about substations and some of its parts and working principal. But, the problem is that there were no sequence in that posts. There were no sequential descriptions or procedures or anything else.

So, I have decided that I will make this blog a sequence writing blog, what I’ve already done to my other blogs and website. Others were also sequential from beginning, but unfortunately the blog and my most favorite (non-profit) one remained backward yet!

Now, I am going to share my new plan with this blog with it’s viewers. There will be several categories with the name of important topics/subjects/courses of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Some of them may be from Computer Science & Engineering. One more thing I want to clear that my this blog will basically fruitful for Electrical and Electronic Engineers and sometimes for Computer Science Engineers. There will be also some technical posts like PC tips/Internet tips/others and that would be categorize according to its type. Again, maximum posts will be sequential, so keep patient after a post, because next part of a will be published within 2/3 days.

Now, come to my most important attempt about this blog. Many students (recently passed) of Engineering hope that if his/her thesis (or research) paper would publish! But, it is not so easy in fact. I can publish that in my blog! I’ll publish it with his/her name and if he want, I can publish it without any name. As for example, a student of Electrical & Electronic Engineering has already told me to publish his thesis paper but without mentioning any name. I’ll publish it very soon. At some cases now some professors publish his student’s thesis paper with his own name. So, if you able to publish it before him, then he cannot do anything with it.

So, if anyone allow me to publish your thesis paper, mail me at first telling your requirements(with/without name) and thesis topic, then after I reply you, send me your thesis soft copy. I’ll take 5-7 days to justify that it’s copied or not, then I’ll confirm you that when I’ll publish that.

I know at present this blog is not familiar to all, but will be soon. Because, from August I’ll start its optimization process. Thanks  to all.

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